Pickwick & Sprout Mummy Necklace

Pickwick & Sprout Mummy Necklace

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These Silicone Necklaces are perfect for trendy, modern Mummy's on the go' - but you don't have to be a mumma to enjoy them! They make a great gift for new or expecting mums.

Dimensions - Black Nylon Satin Cord: 87cm Beads: 15mm and 19mm Wooden Bead 2mm

Quality: The Pickwick & Sprout Necklaces are made from non-toxic, food grade silicone beads that are BPA, Lead, Phthalates, Latex, and PVC free.

Care: Please give your necklace a quick wash before use. The necklaces are easy to wash with a warm damp cloth.

Safety: The Pickwick & Sprout Necklaces have been tested and comply with Australian Standards for toys - AS/NZS 8124. Always supervise your bub while playing with your necklace. NECKLACE IS NOT TO BE WORN BY BUB. Discard if necklace becomes broken or loose. These necklaces should not be given to children under 3 years of age and are not designed as a teether to be given to your baby. They are designed as a safe item for mums to wear while your little one plays with them. Finished with a breakaway clasp that will pop open under pressure which reduces the risk of choking compared to other necklaces.


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