Brainy Bag - Taming the Toddler (2+years)

Brainy Bag - Taming the Toddler (2+years)


The 'Taming the Toddler' bag is perfect to develop the minds of your little munchkins. Ideal for on the go when you need to keep your little one occupied whether its at a local restaurant, on an aeroplane or when you're busy with the housework.

Filled with 5 engaging activities to assist in developing their fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, sensory development as well as beginning to understand basic literacy and numeracy skills.

Activities included are:

-Popping Popsicles 
-Animal Sew 
-Shape Match 
-Dinosaur Memory 
-Letter Trace

Included in your bag 
-Pack of 12 Popsicle sticks 
-1x Whiteboard marker 
-1x shoe lace thread 
-Wind up toy 
-Small tub of Play Doh 
-3 x Stretchy animals

All activities come with an instruction sheet outlining the task, learning outcomes and ways to extend your child.

Some of our activities contain small items that could cause a choking hazard. Our Brainy Bags and their activities are intended to occupy our child, however we recommend adult supervision at all time for children under the age of 5.

Age: 2 Years - 4 Years

Size (Bag) 40 x 30 x 20 cm

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